tonight i danced in the streets with my fellow americans.
i am so proud of their choice.  i am proud of their actions.  i am proud of their passion.

i danced in the street, shouted, yelled, jumped around with people of all ages.  i am so thankful that i live in a city that speaks my same language, that shouts and yells truth and celebrates diversity and joy.

we all laughed, we all smiled, we danced, we celebrated, we hugged, we lived.

this is an important night, for me and for so many.  we united, we started a change.  and hopefully, our new leader will follow through.

Patrick, i miss you a lot.  i know you are celebrating with us.  you are happy and excited to watch our futures change.  you are with us.  i miss you so much and i wish you were here.  i know you would love it.  i know you would be celebrating in the streets with us.  you are, you were with us, you were.  you were dancing freely.  you were smiling and your eyes glowed blue.  you were there.  you were there.
You saw him win.  you experienced it too.  i am just so selfish and i wish you were here celebrating physically with us.  but your spirit lives on.  i can cry and cry about the distance of your bodily self, but i must shout for joy at the closeness of your spiritual self.  we love you near us, stay close.  be with us when we celebrate and dance.  we love your dancing.  your free spirit.  we love it.

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