redo redo room

take that you evil flooding monster!  i shall avenge what you stole from me.

so when i moved back to Seattle, a couple days after i completely fixed up our basement room to be my bedroom... it flooded with sewage water.  YUCK!
i lost a lot.  it was heart breaking.  but after fixing the drainage problem, and gaining a little money from constant babysitting, i decided to turn the room into my studio.
i bought a nice big desk to create lots and lots of illustrations upon, an squishy office chair, and a bunk bed (which resides in the room my roomie and i now share upstairs.)

Studio Space:
(the pictures are all backwards because i took them with my macbook photobooth. ha.)

favorite workin' shirt.  it was my grandmothers in the 70s.  i love her clothes.

i am a little obsessive when it comes to organizing and labeling...

squishy relaxing chair and brightly colored carpet.  happy.

yay desk! and beatles portraits! and photos of family and camp hammer!

this photo is wretched.  it make everything look pretty chaotic... but for reals guys, its crazy organized.  i swear!

also. this weekend/monday i...
1. babysat for 9 hours on Friday after class.  busy from 8am to 10pm...
2. took a huge trip to ikea on Sat and bought bed, desk, chair, and accoutrements
3. went to the symphony Sat night and saw/listen to my FAVORITE beethoven symphony #7.
4. went to church on Sun
5. worked as kind of a server/cleanup/ setup crew for a party Sun night
6. built a bunk bed, desk and a chair
7. cleaned/organized the living room & dining room
8. organized all my clothes and did laundry
9. hung out with people... some that i didn't know/care for...some that i love.
10. did all the dishes
11. organized all my art supplies
12. set up all the basement room
13. took out the trash and recycling
14. broke down all the random boxes we had
15.  swept the porch, pathway, and sidewalk

now i just need to finish cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom...in process.

WOO! i love efficiency.  and sleeping...which i seem to be putting off till around 3am every night this past week.  bad.
once i have finished the kitchen and bathroom tomorrow, and cooked dinner for everyone.  i'll be done.  i swear!


rebekkah said...

i read this, and was so inspired that i went and redid my entire room too!! thanks m!
by the way i LOVE your room ... it looks great!

Faith Tucker said...

Oh my goodness, you sound just like me! That sounds like a heavenly weekend: cleanliness, order, organization, music, kids, friends, cooking, sleep (?). It's so good to see you making your space your own again, it looks beautiful and like a home.

Anonymous said...

God save the 70's!:P