well, ms Sarah came to visit this weekend, thank the Lord!
i would have been in hysterics if she weren't there to ground me this weekend.

first i got in a car crash on halloween night. freaked me out, obviously if you read my last blog...
and Sunday night was the memorial for Patrick. that was a bit rough for me to be thinking about all week long. well, pretty much since the quarter started i have been freaking out about it. But it went well, and i sang my song i wrote for everyone who loves Patrick. and it was just a good thing. just scary.
once again, so glad Sarah was here.

i also made a long list this week about all the ways i have not been taking care of myself since i have been back in Seattle, and also made a list of ways to start getting back to taking better care of me.
i am working on it slowly, and have been the journey of better caring of me.
1. reading my bible everyday again. so good.
2. a fresh look. dying and cutting my hair.

i haven't dyed my hair in over 2 years.
and i have bee letting it just grow and grow for a couple years. so it was time for something new....

i dyed it strawberry blonde, light red-ish.
and i cut short thick bangs.
and i am not even going to ask if you like it or not being i did it just for me.
if you do like it, awesome!
if you don't, cool its not your hair.

when crisis hits, which is obviously pretty often, i tend to just stop taking care of myself. so i am putting this bad trend in the past, and moving on to better self care pastures.
there will always be hardship, but God is good.
and there is always a chance for renewal, re-growth, healthy change, adaptation.

as always:
"Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn."
“God, who foresaw your tribulation, has specially armed you to go through it, not without pain but without stain”



Anonymous said...

Good thoughts! I make lists like that a lot. I even try to let myself sleep in w/o an alarm clock on the saturdays. Also, flowers in vases make me soo happy. ;) Even ones from the yard.

Love you! (and love the knew header!)

Andrea said...

fun hair! it reminds me of
fran├žoise hardy!

or nico!

i have had so many stupid stuff happen all at once so many times (most recent) that i started feeling like maybe it was god's way of pounding me into who i was supposed to be. someone better, tougher and with more integrity, not just floating by and getting complacent! it sucks, but i'm grateful for everything in retrospect. i hope that your friends and family are taking care of you so you can recover as much as you can from all the bad stuff.