i am.  thankful.

this year has been quite the unique one.  my oh my.  but i have learned SO much.  and i am so thankful.  i am thankful for recognizing my transition into womanhood, and all the little things that come along with that.  i am thankful for new freedom and new responsibility.

this year, i am thankful for:
the safe hand that my God holds around my sisters.
the forgiveness God gives freely.
the renewal found in His love.
the mentorship found in Sarah and Eric.
the life and memory of Patrick.
the events that caused me to see my own weakness.
the recognition of my fears.
the humbling God gave me.
being able to finally lean on others.
finally doing what i fear the most.
the family of Camp Hammer.
my own immediate family.
my friends in Seattle.
my friends all over the world.
northern california.
Seattle, Nevada City, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Long Beach.
finally recognizing my rebellious nature, and working on fixing it.
having a home to come back to.
my roommates.
having unending support and love from friends.
unending creative exploration.
realizing where my heart resides.
having a lot of time alone.
a new president elect.
a joy filled community.
freedom of expression.
dancing in the streets.
the craft revolution.
seeing so many opportunities for myself in the future.
seeing what i really want most.
mentorship found in Laura Lasworth.
learning and discussion in my Issues in Contemporary Art class.
philosophical wanderings.
a computer that works.
access to artistic outlets.
trees and nature.
poetry, and friend's story telling.
setting personal boundaries and goals.
learning to not live in reaction to traumatic events.
learning to live in the now.
the bible.
the chance to study what i love.

i have so much to be thankful for.  God is so good to me.

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Genevieve said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, love reading yours.

I'm thankful for your prayers, they mean so much!!!