Tiger Lily

I just visited Allie's blog, and saw she posted about the original Peter Pan movie from the 60s.

ooooh the memories!  i loved that movie so much.

I always wanted to be Tiger Lily.
oh, she was so cool.
I thought i was just like her because i am part native american and i had blonde hair, haha.  oh the 60s were just so politically correct, eh?

I also loved how she danced and thought her leg movements were so pretty.
Strangely enough, i think i still whip out dance moves that harken back to the days of dancing along with Tiger Lily.
I think the 2 step originates from her.  yep, i'm positive.

Tiger Lily was the coolest because she wasn't a dumb prissy girl like Wendy.  booooring.
She was tough and independent, but still cute and fun.  and i mean, come on, her dance moves were bomb.  She was besties with Peter Pan.  winner, way better than Wendy.  Wendy just wanted to be his lover girl.  dumb.

Tiger Lily rules, and Wendy drools.

but on a more serious note:  acknowledgements to Tiger Lily.
i just realized my dream hair does not originate with Joni Mitchell.  oh no, it was Tiger Lily all along!  And look!  my hair right now is looking more and more like hers.  weiiiiird...
also, orange and blue, my favorite complimentary colors...  weiiiird...
also, feathers?  always have been fascinated with.  feathers in the hair?  always.  my senior show will have a theme of feathers and birds, and hair and womanhood running through it.  coincidence?  i think not.

perhaps i need to asses who i am in response to the influence of ms Tiger Lily.  perhaps she has shaped "me" without "me" ever knowing it.

curious eh?
i take this light heartedly.  also, i'm delusional and need to go to bed.  once again, staying up too late.


Allie said...


Love it. I honestly think that the choreography for Tiger Lily and her Indians is some of the best I've ever seen. Pretty sure its Jerome Robbins. I think I might be a nerdy and try to memorize it.

I love Tiger Lily in this version of Peter Pan. She's hilarious.

But woah such hatred towards Wendy. I am not in agreement with you there. True, in the musical version she's too prissy, but she's AMAZING! She has such an impact on Peter... He falls for her! And she's a grade A storyteller. Maybe I'm Wendy and you're Tiger Lily.... hmmm....

Anonymous said...

LOVED that movie!! And I say you have all the spunk and creativity and femininity that she's got and more!! :)

Do you remember the day when you realized Pan was a woman?? Haha.... A little confusing.

THE_Ted said...

Dancing is cool again, no matter what South Park says. I am in no way under the impression that Disney actually gives a care, but this High School Musical thing is going to have a lasting impact.

There are several faults in the formula, and many things wrong with the glossy presentation of reality that is being portrayed, but as always those things will fade. There is little hope that true wisdom can make its way through the glitter and smiles of such mediums. But dance is a part of human existence that has been entwined with every single time, culture, and variation of society.

This accidental revenue geyser may be the thing that keeps that aspect of humanity alive for the broad population of the future.

Alexandra said...

dear moorea, all of last semester, annie fisher and i wore little feathers in our hair because we loved it so much. and, i just recognized my love for pocahontas. indian sisters unite! remember how crazy cool we thought it was when the indians are dancing and they lean over soooo far? i miss you sister and i am so excited for you to come home. we can make indian adventures ourselves!

Alexandra said...

also, may i please point out the indian's shoes are practically toms shoes. just sayin!