Alex Noriega

how great is this illustration?
answer: too great

I seem to have stumbled upon a professional illustrator whose style i can really really relate to. Not just a style that i like, but one that i can see my own hands creating. line weight and shape choices, color choices, everything a little wonky but still striving for a preciseness. and subject matter, love it.

Alex Noriega

you can buy gelaskins with his art work to put on your ipod, macbook, pc laptop, cell phone, desktop background, etc. so beautiful.


Schlaeps said...


GREAT find! I love this style!! :D I could totally see you creating stuff like this. Easily.

Moorea Seal said...

yea, i feel like you could be inspired by this guy a bit too. his quick little witty cartoons are GREAT! check out his sketchbook blog:

Julianna said...


Mila said...

Wow! Those are so wonderful...especially the first one!

Thanks a million for your sweet comment on my blog, it means a lot!
I really like your blog too, such a nice place!

I'll be back.


Andrea said...

Ouu I really like that second one.