Sing vs. Sing + Darling Little Girls

...ok so a couple of you friends who read this have told me you would think its cool if i did worship at camp hammer. and i'm thinkin it would be both a challenge for me and a good thing to grow in and something i could maybe possibly be good at maybe maybe.
...but also,
i have really really wanted to be the SD's nanny. perhaps quite a bit more than leading worship. i would really really love it, for realsies. but for awhile i thought that someone else had already basically been hired as the nanny for the coming summer ahead. i don't remember who said what when, but i just got it in my head that that was no longer and option for me.
but after clarification that it is still an open option, i am really wanting to be the nanny.

there is my thought for the day.
ps, i still would be playing my guitar and singing at random amidst and within nannying if i did get to be said nanny. we'll see, theres still 6 months till summer.

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