check out these beautiful hand stitched wall decorations, and handmade jewelry!
i stumbled across a lovely blog: Creativadoration
as quoted by the blogger herself:
"This blog is a lot about handmade creative discoveries, fashion and accessories, a little about all other design kinds, a touch of eco-friendly life, many international discoveries and some about my work and business"

and the lovely miss who's blog this is, also has a fantastic etsy shop!
Nea Jewelry & Wall Wear

so gorgeous!

also, i am thinking of maybe switching over to wordpress, as opposed to blogger, for my blog.
but i am still not sure. anyone got any suggestions as to why to stay with blogger, or move to wordpress?
what i would realllly like to do though is start my own website... sigh, one day.


Schlaeps said...

Wordpress is nice but also not nice. It's got better tools and stuff than Blogger does (that's where NewsFire comes in handy though! :D) but it's also still not what you want from a blogging software. It's very bloated, sluggish at times and can be very messy to deal with sometimes.

But then, I come from a very focused philosophy on blogging, so while I really dislike blogger, wordpress, tumblr and pretty much every blogging software out there at the moment, you might very much enjoy any of them.

Schlaeps said...

Err, the "that's where NewsFire comes in handy though! :D" was meant to go after a bit about Wordpress not really being able to track your friends like Blogger can.

Janick - Creativadoration said...

Aww you're sweet! Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog and work :)

I have to say I adore Wordpress.

The one and only thing I don't like: can't put an Etsy-Mini...

But all the rest is FAB and I wouldn't switch! :)