fly time

well here i am sitting in the airport.  boooooring.
i don't mind sitting around when there is good opportunity for people watching.  but i'm in the sacramento airport which is the dinkiest airport ever.  and most people from Nor Cal are pretty simple and humble.  great for friendship, but pretty boring to watch in passing.

thank goodness though that i was able to change my flight.  i was going to have to fly to Boise, Idaho, and then do a quick half an hour lay over, switch planes and all that jazz, and then finally make it to Seattle after 5 hours of travel.  bleh.
instead, i am just sitting here in the Sac airport for 4 hours and then taking a flight straight to Seattle.  so that will just be an hour and a half of flying.  better.

this has been the best thanksgiving.  ever.  sincerely.  happy happy happy.
i don't understand the mysterious ways in which God works, but i am really content in His trickiness.  this year.  gosh.  it's been all over the place huh?  probably the greatest pains of my entire life, i have experienced this year.  i have faced my biggest fears.  i have worked through deep down traumas.  i have found my artistic voice.  i have been humbled and weakened in the most beautiful ways.  i have become a woman.  i have grown up.

i have found it.
well, more God has revealed it.
praise God.

God's timing is so strange.  but i am starting to get used to the rhythms.  He uses pretty complex rhythms.  but with time, i am learning them.  and i am feeling more and more happy everyday.  joyful.

i can say for a fact, the past month has been one of the best months of my life.  and what has made it so wonderful you ask?
it has been simple.
it has been peaceful.
sure, little bumps.  but normal bumps in the road.
i have felt really good about myself.  more sure of myself.  more trusting of myself.  more at peace with myself.  more content with myself.  more proud of myself.  more happy with myself.  just... good!
and i know it's not really my doing.

i have always done everything in such a dramatic, reactionary way.  and i'm not doing that anymore.  the only thing i want to react to is God's calling.  and i don't want to react against.  i want to take action with.

thats a word i am using more.
a word i am becoming more comfortable with.

and i'm giving the "i don't want to be..." phrase, i have used to much, the boot.

this has been the best thanksgiving ever.
i have so much to be thankful for.

i'm bored at the airport.
but my heart is full of sweetness.

i'm listening to "Lay, Lady, Lay" by Bob Dylan.
my favorite.
it's making me cry.
i am so happy.

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Rachel.d.Hurley said...

ooooh, I wish I was on a plane to Seattle right now!