Friend Follow

for all my friends who follow my blog, thanks so much for being interested in reading my thoughts on life and all things!

i also wanted to let you know that i have just posted some more art in my Art blog
"Moorea Seal Designs"

i also have another blog called
"Miss Lists"
this is a blog full of links to different websites for your inspiration needs.
(just updated today!)
from creative magazines, to cool hunting websites, art galleries, and japanese culture, and even some sites for those of you who are self declared wanderlust-ers.
i update this often, so keep your eyes peeled!

if you'd like to be updated on those blogs as well, feel free to add those to your list of blogs you follow. but i will probably continue to refer to those blogs through this one as my primary blog. just an update!

how many times did i say blog in this post?
blog blog blog blog.
i am an internet dork.

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