Fun Facts

i stole this list of things from Allie's blog. thought it could be interesting for you to read!

10 Years Ago...
i was 12 and in 7th grade. i was still bitter about living in America. i still considered myself British. i was melancholy, and let Hanson sing me to sleep every night. i had a crush on the drummer, Zac. swoon.

5 things on my to do list...
put away my laundry
finishing making a package for the sweetest. yay.
go to a Christmas party tonight at Zeek and Tommy and Nathaniel's
work on a piece of art due next week
enjoy my time at the tea shop

5 snacks I enjoy...
apples and peanut butter
pasta salads
toasted sourdough with pesto, mozarella and a tomato slice on top
haggendaz chocolate and peanut butter ice cream
hummus and pita chips and carrots

5 favorite things...
my best friend
peanut butter
swimming in the ocean

5 places I have lived...
1. Nevada City, CA
2. Helpston, England
3. Seattle, Washinton
4. Quincy, CA
5. Camp Hammer, Santa Cruz, CA

...Redlands, CA. bleh.

5 things most people don't know about me...
1. i am extremely superstitious (supernatural world)
2. i have known upwards of maybe 50 people who have died. some old, some young. and have seen a dead body not in a coffin.
3. i have flown over the Atlantic ocean around 40 times.
4. i have been through a lot of trauma, but i am thankful for it ALL. i am happy.
5. i have been deep in love twice. 3rd time's the charm...

Bonus fact:
i cry in just about every movie that has animals in it. i am super sensitive to animals.

i have a crazy life! but it's so beautiful.
i think i might write book. hmmm...


Kayla said...

hey thanks for the comment...it was a pleasant surprise. i'm sorry for your loss as well.

Rachel.d.Hurley said...

I LOVED all the snacks you listed and now you've made me incredibly hungry. also, mind if I steal the list?

I haven't stopped looking at SPU for the last 3 days. the website, the flickr, the magazine. Its making me so excited to come to see you (hopefully) after winter break sometime.

118 said...

Just now was the first time I spent some time looking at your art page. And I'm thoroughly impressed by your illustration, and digital styles and skillz. You're stuff is RAD 2 DA MAXX

Murphy said...

I want to come visit so MUCH
I was watching the lake the other
day at sunset, and all the over cast
weather had just ended
right before the sunset the
reflection on the entire lake
was this perfect shade of indigo
it reminded me of you

Allie said...

Oh hehheheee well what do you know... Don't you just love doing stuff like that... LISTS!!!!!