My College Career... almost done

well, got my grades for my almost last quarter of college.
A Painting Studio: New Pictures
A- Senior Studio Project
B+ Issues in Contemporary Art
B Digital Illustration
conclusion: good enough. but i wish i had done better in digital illustration.

for some reason, i just constantly felt like i was just getting worse and worse in my digital illustration class. i dont know what the problem was. i just always felt out of my element. i tried doing different techniques that my professor wanted me to try out, but man, i just sucked more and more with each one. i really want to get better at digital illustration. i'm getting a scanner probably tomorrow. and i'd like to buy a tablet in the near future. maybe i'll buy one tomorrow when i go to get a scanner.
dang. that class really effected my artistic confidence.
i love my professor Gala Bent. but i just felt like a failure after turning in just about every assignment.

here are some fun facts, wanna see what classes i have taken through my 4 and 1/3 years of college?

* taken at University of Redlands, CA
all other classes taken at Seattle Pacific University, WA

Figure Drawing*
Intensive Figure Drawing
Drawing Studio: observation & realism
Drawing Studio: concept & composition
Drawing Studio: perspective
2D Design
3D Design
Color Theory
Digital Art*
Intro to Computer Arts
Digital Illustration
Fashion Illustration
Image and Narration
Oil Painting
Oil Painting: Figure
Painting Studio: New Pictures
Installation Art*
Senior Studio
Art Since 1940* (Art Hist.)
Ancient and Medieval Art (Art Hist.)
History of Graphic Design and Illustration (Art Hist.)
Issues in Contemporary Art (Art Hist.)

Non Art, Good Classes:
Literature of the Bible*
French 1*
Intro to Philosophy*
Belief, Morality & Modern Mind
Rise of Islamic Civilization
Basic Clothing Construction
History: the west and the world
Non Art, Bad Classes:
Biology: Current Issues
Intro to Sociology
Physics of Sound
Christian Classes:
Christian Formation
Christian Scriptures
Christian Theology
Bible Class: providence
Yet to Take/Finish:
Image Capture (photography)
Illustration Studio: Portraiture
Senior Capstone
Senior Studio (4 credits worth)

...and i did some random la la la sing sing classes.
its pretty crazy how much i have learned through college. especially in art.
i only had time to take one art class in all of high school. luckily my teacher let me show him all the art i did on my own so i could skip beginning and intermediate art, and just go straight to advanced art.

Majors and Minors I Tried Out Briefly:
Art History
Studio Art
Apparel Design
Vocal Performance

it took me until Junior Year to settle on Illustration/New Pictures, though the major wasn't even open until the beginning of my senior year, so there ya go. and now i am a super senior!
mama mia.

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