Never Again! Freedom!

and by never again, i mean, i am never going to be a full time undergrad student again!


i am so happy i can't even tell ya. i just turned in my last paper today. and i'm done.
i won't be going back to school until the first week of April. halleluia!
and once i am back, i will just be a half time student. woot!

what shall i be doing in that in between time you ask?
well i am going home to Nevada City for Christmas. this will be the best Christmas ever, ps.
and then i'm going on a mini road trip with my very best friend. this will be the best.
we'll visit camp, yay, visit our friends in Monterrey, yay, and then go to so cal to join up with my family at my grandparents. then i'm going to stay with them for a couple weeks to take care of them and love them, and hang out with my friends in Long Beach and around that area.
then i'll come back to Seattle and work work work, internship, work on my art show.

then i'll have my senior show the first week of april!
i'll let you know the date and time of my art opening once the day gets closer!

i am so happy.
i am at exactly where i want to be. i love my friends. i love my family. i love where i live. i love the opportunities ahead of me. i love the uncertainty mixed with freedom and possibility. joyful.

here are a couple of my favorite Morrissey songs in commemoration of my happiness.
(i was inspired by Patrick's Morrissey posting. ps, listen to his band A Leaf. i'll keep reiterating that...)
in 2005 i was probably at the lowest point of my life, while attending University of Redlands. it was probably the hardest year of my life. i was so depressed that i would go to bed around 5am, and sleep till 3pm, just to avoid the people i felt tortured by. it was such a rough year, but mid march i had an epiphany and dug myself out of that painful hole. i started really pursuing applying to SPU, and Morrissey sung me along that journey. i associate him with just getting through the shit, and reaching what i really desire with perseverance and hope.
so here i am, at a launching point near the end of my college career. and here is Morrissey to sing me along.

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