Quick Thoughts

things flashing through my head right now at 2am:

1. i am so glad i was never a sorority girl.
2. there was no chance in hell i would ever join a sorority ever anyway.
3. i want a really fancy Nikon.
4. i wish my new debit card would arrive at my house already...
5. i am excited for a new scanner.
6. i need to get really focused with my own work/senior show/etsy/life.
7. i love exercising thanks to the Wii Fit.
8. i love fancy Chocolate from Chocolopolis in Seattle.
9. i want to work at Chocolopolis.
10. i want an internship at an art gallery.
11. i want to do worship at camp hammer this summer if i would be allowed.
12. i wish i had brought guitar and mountain dulcimer with me from Seattle.
13. i am excited to see my grandparents.
14. i am excited to get to spend time with friends in Long Beach.
15. i want to dye my hair auburn.
16. i want to cut my bangs shorter.
17. i am glad i have started cutting and dying my hair quirky ways again after taking a 2 years hiatus.
18. i wish i had a way of making quick cash.
19. i kind of really want to go to beauty school for hair styling.
20. i wish i could figure out an exact plan for after college.
21. i am thankful i have so much freedom.
22. i am so thankful i have a working laptop, watercolor paints, and money to buy my family gifts.
23. i need to finish making my presents for Dad and Curtis. they are taking a long time.
24. i need to wrap all my gifts.
25. i need to wake up earlier than noon tomorrow.
26. i want to take my vitamins but i left them in Seattle.
27. i left a lot of important things in Seattle. uhg.
28. packing for a month away from Seattle sucked.
29. i really miss Patrick.
30. Listening to Yeasayer in the car tonight made me tear up a little, thinking of Patrick. tearing up in a very sincere sad but warming way. i felt him a little bit.
31. ok i am listening to yeasayer now and my nose is running.

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