tattoo for you

ow, my heart breaks again.
i am so heart broken realizing the pain Patrick's family must be feeling celebrating Christmas without him right there in the flesh. i can't imagine. i can't imagine. i miss him so much it hurts. and it hurts me five hundred times more thinking of the pain other people must be feeling when missing him just as much and/or more than me. his family. his family. his best friends from home. my heart is sending them waves of love and comfort. God, hold them close when they feel like Patrick is far away.

Patrick, things really aren't the same with out you. it is hard. you can't bring the past back, yet i still beg and beg and beg God to reverse time. let me make up for the effort i didn't put in during the last couple weeks you were alive. i wish i had talked to you soon before. i wish i had called, emailed, texted, whatever. i'm sorry.
Merry Christmas Patty. I can't tell you how much it eases me to know that you are with God. praise Him. i dont know what i would do if i thought you weren't up there with Him.

I want to get a tattoo for you. i want to remember you always. show me what i should do. give me inspiration Patty. i just want to bring a smile to your face wherever you are.

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Andrea said...

i empathize with you. this was the first christmas without one of my loved ones who passed on this year, too.

hopefully good memories of patrick made christmas a little happier for his family. my thoughts are with all of you who are grieving for him. <3