Brooklyn Dreaming

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Crush & Lovely on Vimeo.

my friend Allie just posted this on her blog and it inspired me so much.
1. because the little interviews take place in Brooklyn, where i may move in the future.
2. because everyone is so darling.
3. because i love Au Revoir Simone, the music playing in the background. they bring me so much comfort.
4. because i am thinking a lot these days about where i want to be, in the present, in the future and so on and so on.

where would you like to be when you wake up in the morning?

my answers:
1. i would like to wake up in my bed at my grandparents house in Long Beach, exactly where i woke up this morning. but when i leave the house, i want to be surrounded by all my best friends, even those who have passed away. i want to see all their smiling faces. i want to wake up with a kiss on the forehead from my boyfriend. i want my eyes to fade into seeing, fixated on the sweet wrinkles next to his mouth when he smiles. i'll be happy waking up anywhere really, as long as my heart is rejoicing in the day ahead.
2. in a few weeks, i want to wake up in Nevada City.
3. in a month, i want to wake up in Seattle.
4. in 5 months i want to wake up at Camp Hammer.
5. in 8 months i want to wake up in Brooklyn.

tell me your answer! where would you like to wake up?


Allie said...


My answer: I want to wake up tomorrow and be in Kyoto... It might be warm there right now... I want to eat sushi, and bike around the city, and visit Shinto shrines.

Wanna come?

Moorea Seal said...