Day 1 of the New Year

well i'm feeling pretty grumpy and heavy-hearted on the first day of this new year.
this song brings me some comfort because it reminds me of last spring in the art center with Alex, Justin, Patrick H, Patrick L, Tyler, Sean, Jessica V, and Yuna.

i'm in Long Beach for a few weeks. and its good. but i really really miss all my friends. feeling pretty lonely in this new year.

also, the expression on Fionn Regan's face really reflects my own today. the start to the new year has kinda sucked.

moorea's attitude: uhg.

i'm so confused and saddened that i'm not only blogging but journaling by hand as well. i've needed to carry around my little moleskin all day because i've just been so heavy hearted. i journaled downstairs, upstairs, by the window, on the bed, on a table, in the car while everyone else went into the grocery store. none of the venting is working though. i wish i were sitting next to katie, anne or allie right now. i really miss them a lot.

i miss Seattle. i miss Grace Seattle my church, my friends, my bed, my house, watching movies with the girls, walking up and down the damn hill, babysitting Isabella and Joaquin, working in the art center, advice from Laura Lasworth, advice from anne and katie, girl talk with allie, adventures with jess, erendira and tim showing up at our house.

one of my best friends sisters got in a snow mobile accident on new years eve. she was flown to the hospital and had broken 3 vertebrae plsu other injuries. she had surgery today and is concious and will be able to walk, halleluia. praise the Lord!
rough start to this year. really now. my heart is heavy about a few things.

i was going to try to get my hair dyed professionally, but i am just in such a bad mood and needing a change that i might just go buy the hair dye myself and dye it tomorrow.

also, im going for a long walk to the beach by myself. and am going to work on art pieces for my etsy shop.
and right now i am going to read my bible.

tomorrow, i will be extra self reliant, motivated, confident, and no moping around. i already did enough moping today.

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Allie said...

Ohhh. Sigh. I just read this. I'm going to email you.