Fashion Fridays #1

my friend Jon and i went to a fashion show last night at this trendy trendy little bar in Long Beach.
i don't remember the name of the bar. but you can easily spot it on 7th street by the ridiculous amount of plaid clad, skinny little hispters, resting outside smoking cigarettes.
i am always so torn feeling when i am somewhere where there are large throngs of well dressed people. i love fashion so much. but i am super uncomfortable hovering amidst a crowd of people who are all desperately wanting to be noticed. i'd be happy to just hide away in the corner and observe everyone.
why is that so many well dressed people also are so bitchy seeming? makes me nervous.
this is a beautiful picture of mi amigo Jon taken by Laurel Dailey.

my boots arrived today! yippy!

fashion website i'm obsessed with right now:


colors i am liking at the moment:
creamy greens and yellows

this was kind of a scattered post.
but guess what, its my 200th post!
thats neat.
creamy greens and yellows by mooreaseal


Allie said...

Eeek. I just purchased similar boots. Except mine dont have that extra leather on the top front. Samesies!

LD said...

LOVE the black jumpsuit. Could there be anything better?

Answer: There could not.

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