Lefties = The Coolest

question: how many of you are left handed?

leave a little comment with a yes for Left Handed and a no for right handed. I'm interested in seeing the percentage of readers who are lefties. you can be anonymous if you so choose so as not to discriminate.

Lefties will one day rule the wooooorld, buahahahahahhaha!!!

Did You Know...
(taken from the Times Online article "Is Barack Obama proof that lefties are taking over?")

When Barack Obama was filmed signing his first official documents as President of the US, his left wrist curling awkwardly over, Mark Stewart was shocked. “I thought - how should I put this politely? - it's not a very good way to hold a pen.” Obama was demonstrating the “hooked” style of handwriting, favoured by a minority of left-handers, in which the paper is held straight and the pen is “pulled” across it from above. “Pushing”, in which the hand remains underneath the script, is regarded as a better technique and places less strain on the wrist.

There is no overall strategy for teaching left-handed children how to write, according to Stewart, who runs courses on the subject (and who owns a shop selling items such as left-handed scissors). Little attention is paid to technique; more to letter formation. As a result, a technique that works with pencils fails with pens, because children smudge their work as they drag their hand across fresh ink.

Stewart, whose youngest son is left-handed, started the courses because his customers regularly complained about their children's battle with handwriting. The repercussions can be severe: a Bristol University study published last month showed that, as a group, left-handers do worse at school.

Stewart says: “I had one woman who said that her daughter no longer wanted to go to school on Thursdays because that was handwriting day. It can affect self-esteem. Yet it takes less than five minutes to show someone how to write without smudging.” He adds that teachers need also to think of other practicalities, such as making sure that left-handers don't knock elbows with right-handers.

You can contact Mark Stewart at mail@lefthand-education.co.uk The charity National Handwriting Association (www.nha-handwriting.org.uk) publishes a pamphlet on handwriting for left-handers.

You've got to hand it to them: Famous left-handers

Napoleon Bonaparte
The reason why most of the world drives on the wrong side of the road. Napoleon overturned the historic practice of travelling on the left with weapons in the right hand when he ordered his armies to the other side to suit his left-handedness.
Fidel Castro
Although ambidextrous, Castro is, perhaps, the ultimate leftie leftie: even on his sick bed in 2007, he insisted on calling into a television show with President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez to hail the fellow left-hander.
Thomas Jefferson
The third American President was the first in a long line of left-handers. Since 1974, two presidents, Jimmy Carter and George W Bush, have been right-handed. Bill Clinton, George Bush senior, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford were all left-handed.
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
These two lefties earned their places in history as the first men to set foot on the moon in 1969. Their right-handed colleague, Michael Collins, was left on board Apollo 11 to orbit.
Joan of Arc
Handwriting experts have concluded that signatures believed to be Joan of Arc's were written with her left hand. Left-handers have embraced Saint Joan as their own, but sceptics argue that she was simply depicted as a leftie to make her appear evil.
Bart Simpson
Left-handed Simpsons creator, Matt Groening, did his bit for the cause by making Bart, Mr Burns, Ned Flanders, Seymour Skinner and Moe Szyslak lefties. Even Homor Simpson has been seen writing with his left hand.
Julius Caesar
Although left-handed, Caesar introduced the right-handed handshake. Perhaps this was to ensure neither party had an advantage on meeting, their weapon hands taken up. Perhaps it simply benefited Ceaser, who held his weapon in his left hand.

Other left-handers of note:
Alexander the Great
Prince William <-- we have the same birthday!
Winston Churchill
Henry Ford
Leonardo da Vinci
Charlie Chaplin
Robert de Niro
Osama bin Laden <-- uh oh... thats not good.

3 out of 5 people in my family are left handed.
Me, Dad, Bella.
My dad has Obama's writing style: the hook.
I just turn my entire paper 90 degrees to the right and write my sentences sideways.


Schlaeps said...

Actually, methinks Ambidextrous people will rule the world. They can have their cake and eat it too.


Fawn said...

I am left handed!
Left handed people are the best,
just sayin.

Allie said...

I'm a lefty lulu, as my dad likes to call me.

LD said...

The answer, my dear, is YES. I am a lefty, too. I think Ashley might be as well.

Brandon Barr said...

Ehud was the left-handed warrior of in the book of Judges! I'd add him to the list.