Life Update

well i haven't gotten personal on my blog in awhile, so here's an update on things.
Long Beach:
i am still in Long Beach. and now that i finally got a new license (i had lost it for awhile. oops) i am not feeling as restricted to my grandparents house. i love spending time with them, but all day everyday in a very dark house can be a little hard on the spirits. i need to be active and outside a lot.
i still miss my seattle best friends a lot, but i am really enjoying getting to know new friends here in long beach. all of curtis' friends are so nice and genuine, fun and quirky, unique and real. i dig em' a lot.
i have been working on little illustrations for my etsy slowly but surely. i am working on stationary sets right now. i've done some illustrations of little objects like rings and feathers, and now i am working on typography things. monogram sort of stationary with real quirky handdrawn type. i'll let you know once i am done! i might post some of the roughs on my other blog Moorea Seal Designs. some of my recents drawings and paintings are up there already if you want to check them out!
i have sketched out all the plans for my senior show, but i am getting a little stressed out about the actual peices. i want most of them to be pretty big, so i dont know if i should even start on them before i get to seattle. how to transport them... is it worth the shipping costs? i fear it may have to be. oh money.

i have been having a hard time getting up in the morning the past couple of days. i think its because i haven't been planning my time well within the past week. i need to make plans for everyday and fulfill them to feel motivated and accomplished. so i'm workin on that.
i have a lot i should and can be doing. art and music wise, at least.

February is a big month for my music!

listen to my music, and download it for FREE here: myspace.com/mooreaseal
Feb 20th: I will be having a show! this is a rare occurance. mostly because i never seek out venues to play at, because i am... shy? nervous? don't know how to go about it? don't know where my music is most suited for?
Q Cafe
Seattle, WA
doors open at 7:30pm

Taylor neal
Moorea Seal
Window View

students: $5 (bring student ID), all other: $7

heres taylor ( LOVE his music):

this is one of the more serious shows that i've ever played. and by that i mean, its actually organized. and im getting paid. and it is getting advertised in professional ways.
the fanciest show i've ever been in was opening for Rocky Votalato at a giant concert at SPU. Other than that, lets see what have i done... i've played at a lot of Emerson Coffeehouses, a few little coffee shops, a couple of open mics, another SPU showcase at Q Cafe, i was on the Lingua Art Journal CD twice... no 3 times? i think 3 times actually. huh. i don't remember what else i've done.

also, this is REALLY exciting:
my friend Brenna's little sister Fiona is a FANTASTIC dancer. ballet. she has coreographed her senior show to my song, "Death of a City."
i'm so honored!
i need to figure out if i could afford to fly back again to see one of the shows!

her show will be running February 26th, 27th, and 28th at the Don Bagget Theatre at Nevada Union High School, Nevada City, CA.
tickets are $12, and sometimes are SOLD OUT!
so if you are in the Nor Cal area, think about going and buy your ticket soon!

New York:
i am still debating over whether i should move to New York in the fall. the many thing preventing me from going is... money! go figure. the economy is making me worried as to whether i could find a good enough job once i got there. i am worried about how much money i can make prior to summer. that is what will determine the actual move. uhg. i am so torn. i see so much potential for myself in moving to New York. but i also see a lot of sacrifices, most of those being relationships and money. those 2 things are kind of majorly important. God guide me!

Plans for the Coming Weeks:
well, i am sad i am leaving Long Beach in a week because i love the sun, i love my grandparents, i am loving getting to know new people, and i love being close to my boyfriend. ah he is so lovely...
i will be back in Nevada City on Jan 26th. i'll be juming in and out of dentist and orthodontist appointments. wisdom teeth. AH!!!!
between Jan 30th and Feb 8th, i want to take the train down to Santa Cruz to visit people, and most specifically the Swanson-Dexel family at Camp Hammer!
Feb 8th i'll be getting my wisdom teeth removed, so i'll probably be close to dead during the week after. uhg.

so then, around Feb 15th i'll be back in Seattle. i'll get to hug and kiss my friends again! well, maybe not kiss. maybe a kiss on the cheek of my roomies. i'll get to walk around beautiful Queen Anne and go up to the Tea Cup. it will be good. but kind of sad as well, leaving a lot of loves in California.

i think thats all of it. those of you who i miss, update me on your lives! i miss you.
p.s. how can i make money during my constant jumping around the West Coast?

i feel SO TORN between so many worlds right now. Seattle, Long Beach, Nevada City, Santa Cruz. i don't know if i could handle another place feeling torn between. aka New York. yet i want it. My heart is so evenly distributed along the West Coast right now.


Murphy said...

please oh please oh please
hang out with me on feb. 6th
if you can, its my birthday
and it would mean the world
to meee
I love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Moorea! So many things to think about!

a. BEST of luck with your show!! How exciting!
b. BOYFRIEND! YES! (you go!)
c. I'm praying for your "to NY or not to NY" dilemma. :)
d. I misss you.
e. So does Matt, but he doesn't check your blog regularly... I have to update him.


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