Log Cabins and Tree House

I have some dreams.
They are really really distant dreams, but still they are dreams.
I want to live in cozy log cabin. So badly. I want the house to run off of a generator and solar panels. I want to be as self sustainable as possible. Not because its trendy right now, but because working at living is so much more fulfilling than lazying about with everything prepared for you. I want to build my house. I want to see my hard work in the space around me.

I want a small house thats big enough for what my future family will need and that's it. I want a separate building for a big studio so I, and my future family, can make lots of art and construct whatever we want to.
I like warm spaces, dark and cozy colors, detailed patterns, but i with big windows to let in lots of light.
I want a big porch so i can sit outside in spring and watch the rain fall. And in the transition into winter, i can get cozy outside with a warm blanket and some hot chocolate and snuggle up with the ones i will love.
I want to be in the mountains, where i feel most safe and protected. But there is still so much opportunity for adventure. I want to trail my own hiking routes.

I want to build a livable tree house, maybe attached to my house, or just close by.

I want to be close enough to friends and family to visit, for kids to go to school, etc etc. But far enough away to feel free.

so cozy.


Rachel.d.Hurley said...

I LOVE log cabins! and your description of that house sounds amazing. almost exactly what I want for my house

Alexandra said...

don't forget the yurt we are also planning on living in.