Music Mondays #1

oops. well i had not access to the internet yesterday, so my Music Mondays post is a day late. sorry

John Vanderslice

cool things about him:
1. his recording studio is all analog, using tapes instead of computers to record.
2. he once ordered a pizza on stage and collected money from people in the audience to pay for it.
3. he said,“I go to someone’s site, and I see they have a 100 MP3s and I love them forever. But then I go to bands’ sites, and they have one song up and it’s in Real Audio and I’m thinking, what’s your home address because I’m going to stab you in the lungs. Just come out for your mail because I’m going to shank you.” in an interview. bomb. ok, but seriously though, everyone who interviews him says he is the nicest guy of all time. and he really did say that in an interview.
4. his music is amazing!
5. he is featured on the Blogotheque playing in Capitol Hill, in Seattle! oh Seattle, i miss you so much.

here is the video for my very favorite John Vanderslice song : "Trance Manual"


Andrea said...

Aw, man! That quote makes me love JV even more. He is one of those artists who Jonathan and I BOTH like, which is cool.

Murphy said...

not to mention he has a fantastic name!
great taste as always

Vanessa said...

Oh, Moorea.

1) I love reading your blog. I'm not gonna lie.
2) I talked to John Vanderslice once. He reminded me of Willy Wonka (the Gene Wilder version). I told him, "Good show". I was like thirteen. He said, "Thank you so much," and that was that.

I hope to see you sometime soon, dear. Miss you.