New Clothes

well today i went shopping for the first time in... at least 6 months.
Nordstrom was the destination.
and i got some great boots!
i've been wanting a bomber jacket for awhile but i look ridiculous in black leather jackets.
so i decided on this off white one. a little more unique and it goes well with my new darker brownish red hair.
this photo is ridiculous. seeing the jacket in real life sold it to me, not the photo.
it looks super preppy on this chica.

Jolt is one of my favorite brand of jeans. super soft and stretchy. good for under boots.
i have a dark brown pair already and i bought a dark dark green pair today.

ooh i love lace.
i bought this dress today too. so cute in real life.

i got a few other things too, but i couldn't find any photos of them on the net.
so here's an update on the status of my closet!

i'll post some better real life fashions soon...

1 comment:

Allie said...

What are you talking about? That chica is sooooooooooo cool. I wanna be her.

That lace dress is fab. Ba-da-ba-ba-baaaaaa I'm lovin' it!