New York

ok gang, i could potentially move to New York in the fall.

right now it is just an idea floating around the caverns of my mind, but it's getting some serious consideration. like i said in a previous post, my friends Erin and Jess are moving there in the fall, and they invited me to come too.

it is really good just to have the real idea of "i could move anywhere if i really work at it," in my head right now. i am not in school for the winter so i have a lot of thinking time on my hands. and having a serious need to plan out my future is motivation to keep me moving and focused in these months while i am out of school.

i could move to New York. WOW crazy. and not just New York, i could move to Brooklyn which i have been dreaming about for years. so much of my favorite music comes from Brooklyn. the music scene, the art scene, it's all booming there.

i would need to really work hard and make a good amount of money before i went there, but i have at least 8 months to prepare. so thats good news. graduation money would probably help too. looks like i'd need to plan a biiiiig party and invite lots of nice people willing to aid me in my cause.

i think it would be really good for me to go there, even if it was just for 6 months or so, to get some fresh ideas and influences in my art and music making. i need to see what is going on in other parts of the U.S. and what better place is there to go to be inspired? New York New York!

if i went, of course there would be things i would be giving up or putting on hold... mostly friendships on the west coast.
but i am young, and i have so much potential to grow in my art and music making. my friends will always be here for me. thats something i need to trust in.

i really could move to New York. wow, that is so shocking to me for some reason. i have become so west coast centered during my time in college.
i grew up in England, and moved to the U.S. when i was 8. from 8 till college, i was determined to escape back to Europe or the East Coast. but in college, i realized how much i love it here on the West Coast. i found comfort and stability.
man, i am so glad i found those 2 things in college. praise God.
but i think maybe God is pushing me in a new direction for a little while. i really see and feel that i need to shake things up in my inspiration needs. i need to GO. i need to SEEK.
i feel like if i stay in Seattle in the fall, i will be settling in a not so good way. i would be able to make use of all that i understand and know in Seattle. but why make use of what i already understand in 8 months, after already doing so for the past 4 years? i am an artist, am i not? i need to be seeking out new images! new ideas!

i will always have time to come back to Seattle. i will not always have time to go to New York.
i doubt that i would want to live in New York in a couple of years. i am a calm spirit, and i feel like now is the only time i will have the vigor and idealistic young drive to survive in a bustling city.

basically, be praying for me that God will direct me where to go, what to do, how to prepare myself for the coming months ahead. My mind is so fire-y with excitement, looking into the uncertain future ahead. pray that God will direct me in organizing all my priorities.
what is safe? Seattle
should i stick to what is safe, or allow risk?
what is risk? New York
my heart and my mind, my spirit, my soul are all telling me take a risk. God, speak loud.

to go, or not to go, that is the question...
thank God i have awhile to think about this!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Moorea! Such exciting things to ponder! I miss having a few classes with you!

No matter where you go, I can't wait to stay in touch and be colleges! ;P

Rachel.d.Hurley said...

oh my gosh do it!! that sounds so amazing. I'm so jealous that you could potentially move to new york. if you have the chance to take an adventure and live somewhere new, I say take it.