Random Thoughts...

somehow i am 17 people away from having 1000 friends on facebook. i have NO idea how that happened, especially since i am an introvert. but cool i guess? weird.

i slouch SO much. it is so hard for me to sit up straight in chairs. why? i am top heavy and have a very small rib cage. im pretty thin, but still, just can't sit up straight.

i want to hangout with my friends in Seattle. now.

i am thankful for my friend Jon in Long Beach. its nice having friends who seemingly effortlessly invests in friendship.

i crave healthy food. lentils. mmm. beans of all sorts, nuts, veggies, fruits, things that are good for anemia minus beef. not a big fan of beef. ps, i'm anemic. i may be weak in a lot of ways, but i am a fighter and i'm actually a lot stronger than you may think! i swear.

i miss rock climbing everyday. man my arms and back were soooooo strong last year around this time. i miss bouldering.

oh yea, and we have a new president.
no seriously, for reals, we have a new president. isn't that CRAZY! we do! and he is 500 times more motivating than the old one. i am really glad that he is really trying to motivate Americans to be proactive and to help out their local and national communities. the best type of a leader is one who delegates rather than taking on ever burden for his or herself. i think that was a huge fault with Bush. he didn't really encourage or motivate movement within the country he was leading. Obama is obviously the sort of leader who can rally those beneath him to feel empowered. i feel a revival of passion among Americans right now. and its really beautiful.

ok so our economy SUCKS right now. i am predicting that with the economy spiraling down, most stores are going to kind of streamline their merchandise. less products to chose from within the stores, sparser storefront displays, just more masses of the same things over and over again in corporate America. which also means, people will need to seek out things that are unique a bit harder than they have had to in the past. which is a big help to the "handmade revolution" that has been getting bigger and bigger within the past few years. viva la handmade! i want in on this. i am just finishing my last few typography projects for my coming etsy shop. i am thinking i will launch the shop next week once i am back in Nevada City. WOO!
so anyway, prediction: while economy goes down, people will invest more in all things handmade... as long as they are affordable...

GO HANDMADE! i'm adding a new list of websites that feature handmade items, for sale, how to and so on and so forth. it says GO HANDMADE. look at the lists to the right.


Rachel.d.Hurley said...

oh my gosh I hope you're right about handmade! I love it. I love the thought of bringing change into america, encouraging creativity and independence, and I love how for once it feels as if the country is united (for the most part) in the belief that things will get better with Obama as our president.

Anonymous said...

Handmade YES!
1000 friends?!? Giiirrrrlll!
And I slouch too. Being an art major guarantees it... especially with these dag nab stools.