Seattle Dreamin'

i miss the smiling faces and pretty places of seattle.
(ps, i stole all these photos from spu flickr or just straight up stalker style.)
i miss friends.

bop, bop, bop
justy, ty ty, awex
roomies + 1
katie, me, eren, anne, laura
anne's face
jess and erin
stacey and allie dancing
allie cutie
stacey cutie
katie bop

justy, me, allie, alex + camera
alec and patrick
katie bop
allie, ooh OOH!
nate, alec, and patrick
ty ty
dan and co.
jackie, bekkah, ben
krichael, eren, julianna baby
eren and julianna baby
seany bop

plus i miss a bajillion more people...

professor heroes, Laura Lasworth and Katie Kresser
yes, i even miss the bus
the art center
rock climbing with alex, justy, tyler and micah
pcc. yum
coffee after climbing
fremont bridge

yep. i miss all of it.


Allie said...

Oh man. I miss you too. I love looking at all those photos. Seattle: a magical place.

Rachel.d.Hurley said...

I recognize so many of those pictures from the spu flickr! I think I've looked at just about all of SPU's pictures

Julianna said...

i had no idea there was an spu flickr! what? thanks for the pics so cutesy