oh my word.
i love shoes way too much. good thing i am probably going to be poor for the rest of my life so i can't justify indulging too deeply in my lust for shoes.
this holiday season, Nordstrom has some great shoes ranging from $50 to $150.
i have a $100 gift certificate. how do i choose!?!

when it comes down to practicality, i will probably choose...

choice #1:

choice #2: (actually probably my very 1st choice)

choice #3:

choice #4:

choice #5:

choice #6:

oh lust...

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Allie said...

Girl, I am with you. I really like those hiking boot-looking ones. And the very first ones.

Joe helped me make a monthly financial planner and he was like, is 300 enough for personal spending money?? I looked at him like he was crazy. That's like two pairs of good shoes.