i think i need to structure my blog a little.
i've had it for over a year, and have 192 posts. sheesh thats a lot.

so i am cleaning up the blog a bit, and changing things up.

i am trying out some different assignments each day: Music Mondays, Talkies Tuesdays, Works of Art Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursdays, Fashion Fridays, Stunning Sights Sundays

Music Mondays:
featuring a new/old musician with links to their music, photos, and info/opinions.

Talkies Tuesdays:
featuring a favorite film of mine.

Works of Art Wednesdays:
featuring an artist/illustrator/designer and their work.

Thoughtful Thursdays:
featuring an interview of a friend of mine.

Fashion Fridays:
featuring a fashion website, blog, style, or collection.

Stunning Sights Sundays:
featuring a photographer and their work.

these are just some ideas for now, we shall see if i keep all these assigned days. but for sure i think i'll keep at least 2 or 3 of the days structured.

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Allie said...

I likey. I'm feeling inspired by Lula. I used some of their questions to interview Julianna. Posting it today!