TAG! i'm it.

well i got tagged by 2 of my blogging friends within one day!

the dangling conversation and no small dreams
these two girls would have probably been at the top of my list of favorite blogs too!

the rules: share six things that make you happy and tag six amazing starry-eyed bloggers!


1. swimming alone far out in the ocean

2. smile wrinkles

3. daydreaming

4. Violette tea from The Tea Cup in Seattle

5. music that has lots of layers, shoegaze-y and warped, thoughtful lyrics, and has bells in the background

6. listening to my friends talk about something they are passionate about

Starry-Eye Bloggers

1. Water May Walk

2. Blaze Danielle

3. Meticulous Markings

4. Urban.Prairie.Forest.

5. Jonathan Schlaepfer

6. Three Bean Trees

...and i am adding an extra category, since all of the above bloggers are my real life friends

Admired Blogs

1. 3191 Visual Blogging

2. Free People

3. Design Sponge

4. Loveology

5. Poppy Talk

6. Daydream Lily

7. Creativadoration

8. Something's Hiding in Here

9. Le Blog de Betty

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Schlaeps said...

It's actually "Three Bean Trees" I think. :)