Wednesday Art #5

this is a suuuper blurry picture i took on my phone of a drawing/painting i was working on for my senior show.its pretty small, a little bigger than 8" by 11" so i am going to work on a huge-r version today, and some other things for my senior show.

i am feeling really stressed out today. i think its because i don't know how i am supposed to get my $80 back from the ticket i bought from a scalper for the Animal Collective show that got cancelled. And i have been traveling around away from Seattle for almost 2 months and i haven't been working and i need money BADLY. and i have to get my wisdom teeth pulled soon and possible have to (in the SAME surgery) get my lone baby tooth removed and then have a chain connecting the big tooth that is hidden up there to braces... uhg. its kind of funny. that at 22 i will have braces and a missing tooth in the front. but at the same time, really not. and my mouth is going to hurt SO BAD if all of this takes place in the same surgery. and i'm skinny and always hungry, i dont know how i will survive on liquid-y food in the days after surgery. i'll be skin and bones. and so hungry! eek.

i need money.

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Allie said...

There's always burlesque dancing...