Works of Art Wednesdays #1

he also runs this website: africanhiphop.com

I love the use of color in his portraits. And his mixture of patterns and texture is so beautiful.
He is one of my most favorite artists, and has been for the past year or so.

Artist Bio from one of his shows:
Maluka has a particular interest in minorities, migration and the perception of immigrants in various societies. The point of departure for his portraits is usually a photograph, often torn from a fashion magazine, of a person to whom he senses some immediate connection. From this beginning he proceeds to create characters, to give them personalities - glamorous, sexy, cool, sultry - and to place them in contexts that buzz and pulsate. He often draws an analogy between putting on a play and an exhibition - there are reasons why the word 'show' is used to describe both: each requires characters, actors, a set, a script, an audience and the inevitable critics

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