Before and After

i LOVE before and afters. i love make overs of everything and anything, be it a make over of a dowdy sad woman, a make over of an old worn out chair, or a complete renovation of a house. i love it.

one of my favorite websites Design Sponge has a great every growing collection of before and afters of chairs, rooms, dressers, you name its. they are great great great.
here are 2 of my favorite chair make overs:

gosh it is such dangerous territory for me to be wandering in, throwing myself into finding as many before and afters of anything and everything as possible. i have a curse of wanting, and trying to make anything that appears even minutely feasible for me to make. or just trying to do anything really. i'm up for just about anything all the time. i'm pretty shy at first so i think most people who meet me probably think i'm not the spontaneous type. i like spontaneity and i like learning new things. i remember one friend telling me awhile ago, "Moorea, anytime i can't get anyone to come with me on whatever adventure i conjure up, or anytime i can't get anyone to join me in blablabla whatever, i know you will always do it." thats also a little dangerous perhaps... i really just get way too excited about the opportunity to do something new or make something new or learn something new. (Over the past 7 months since Patrick died, i have definitely slowed down on the spontaneous silliness though. i'm just now starting to feel somewhat like my old self again. it's taking time. i'm slowly coming back out my retreat shell.)
ps, i also have ADD maaaajor. I'm not the ADD kid that's bouncing off the walls every second, i'm pretty calm most of the time. but my brain always is cycling 50 million ideas at once and i always feel like i need to be doing something or learning something new or changing something or embarking on some new field of whatever. start a blog, start a new project, start a new hobby, start a new business whatever.

this is probably why i:
1. pursued classical vocal performance in high school.
2. taught myself guitar right handed in high school. (im left handed. why'd i make it so difficult for myself sheesh.) i want to learn a lot more instruments soon. mostly i want to learn them all right now. but i need to chill out and not be psycho.
3. started writing music in high school.
4. have 1 album and am working on another one right now.
5. started cutting hair 7 years ago. (kiiinda want to go to cosmetology school...)
6. have pursued Art really intensely since i can't even remember.
7. i love to do oil paintings, watercolor, mixed media, drawing, sculpture, digital art blablabla
8. i want to try out more short films
9. i can sew and design
10. i have at different points along my college career, bee these majors/minors:
Art History, Studio Art, Apparel Design, Philosophy, Vocal Performance, Illustration/New Pictures
11. in high school i also considered these majors: World Religions, History, Literature... good thing i really can't do well in most majors because i have a memory banks that fits things only the size of a flea. aka, i have memory problems when it comes to containing large masses of facts. but i can make up a lot of stuff, so thats why im an illustration major.
12. i still have at least 20 serious different "when i grow up, i wanna be _________" ideas.
13. i wanna to go grad school and do something combining art and music
14. i want to get my teaching credentials
15. i'm and idealist who really believes i can do most anything i really put my mind to. and you can too! its just will power right? eh?

ok enough.
that's my long winded explanation of why i kind of want to start thrift store shopping for junky furniture to refurbish and resell.
i have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many ideas of things i want to make to sell... for now, i should just stick to jewelry and take a business class or two once i'm done with full time school.
i just want to make jewelry, refurbished furniture, handbags, illustrations, books, zines, clothing, stuffed toys, typography, ...i'm crazy. and its 3am. i need to try to force myself to sleep.

something just happens around 10pm every night that makes me wanna make stuff! uhg. but cool! i love it and i hate it.
i'm done.

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