bird watching

i need to crank out a bunch of work for my senior art show today and tomorrow.
so i am NOT ALLOWED to go on the internet for anything other than researching birds.

here are somethings i will be ruminating on while i work:

the Lyre bird who can imitate any other bird songs, plus a camera shutter, a chainsaw, dew drops and more. musical! watch a video of it doing its thing.

the Bowerbird who is the most incredible collector and decorator. my favorite is this Australian Bowerbird (watch video). it collects specific objects that are its mate's favorite color. it is an incredibly hard worker and dedicated to organization and perfection.

i want to be a bowerbird. at least for today and tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! These birds! I can't even express my amazement!! And the Bower Bird!?! Oh man!! I might have to post about that on my blog! (if you don't mind!)

That is so remarkable, and I want to be one too! Thanks for sharing! And good luck with your art day!

I'll email you some photos when I have more goodness to show! :)