Here We Go Magic

ok ok ok... AH! i said i wouldn't go on the internet today... but here i am.
and thank God i did because i just found an amazing band.

Here We Go Magic

listen to "Tunnelvision"

i am way too excited about this. for those of you who are as equally obsessed with Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear as me, you HAVE TO check out this band. they are both melting my heart and resuscitating it all in one go.

allie: tell joe to listen to this, i know he will love it.
patrick: i think you will dig this.
curtis: i already posted this on your facebook, but listen to it again, and again and again.
krichael: you will love it.
taylor m: i think you may like this.
everyone: listen to it, and like it. actually, i dont care if you like it. if you don't, i can just hoard all musical enjoyment for myself. suckas!

i'm spreadin' this goodness like wildfire.


Allie said...

Letting Joe know.

Murphy said...

I love fangela AND tunnelvision
so fresh, so great

Krichael said...

GUH! i just found this, and i wish i weren't at work, because then i would actually be able to listen to it.

blasted work computer without speakers!