New Vintage

i am a big fan of 30s, 40s, and 70s vintage clothing. so when a designer can mishmash all these eras into one big bunch while still keeping it feeling fresh, i am quite pleased.

James Coviello

whoever designed his website is a genius, i love it. it looks like someone just cut up a bunch of victorian illustrations and glued them to your screen. i love it i love it.

his spring 09 collection might actually be my least favorite of the bunch, but still enjoyable.
i kind of chuckled when i saw his spring 09 line because its a perfect example of what happens in Fashion when there is an economic decline. for some reason, when the economy goes down, brighter, bolder, more dramatic colors find their way into the fashion world. when everyone is doing well economically, the colors get simpler, more subdued, and common worker styles become trendy among the elite and trickle down to the wider market... (perfect example: the crazy rise of mop head Hipsters in plaid button ups and jeans in the past couple years.) but then when the economy takes a big fall... hello recession... popular styles get a little more bold and showy, vivid and glamorous.

perhaps when everyone's getting rich, they want to feel humble by dressing down.
and when everyone's down and out, they want to regain their pride by dressing up and feeling ritzy.

i've been dying to dress up lately, can you guess where i am in the economic pile right now? you guessed it. i can't afford to buy any new clothes until... who knows. i haven't bought any new clothes for myself since last June. thank the Lord for Christmas presents to feel a little style rejuvenation.

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