Jump On It

i love short jumpsuits. i can guarantee you will be seeing a lot of them this spring.
just you wait...

here are some ways you can wear them during the day and night.
well at least these are ways that i would wear them during the day/night. you can always just wear a jumpsuit and a pair of flip flops and be good to go. but i kind of despise flip flops.

Night/Day Jumpsuit

the other day i was talking to a certain someone about those sorts of girls who only talk about fashion and nothing else. i call those girls "fashion girls." but i guess you can be a "fashion girl" and also be into a lot of other things. i try to convince myself sometimes that i am not that into fashion... but really now Moorea, come on. i do love fashion, and there is nothing wrong with that. just because you are super into fashion it doesn't mean you lack intellect, wisdom, a warm heart and a genuine spirit. in fact, now that i think of it, i know a bunch of girls who are super into fashion who also happen to be some of the sweetest girls i've ever met and quite intelligent too. so i'll say it, "i'm a fashion girl." but that is just one facet of me. and i like all that i am and am not ashamed of any of it.


Andrea said...

"fashion girls" stimie creativity or just plain turn me off to fashion. but fun clothing is just a facet of being creative in other ways, right?? well, that's how i feel when i read your blogs. for what it's worth, i feel more inspired to dress creatively when i read your fashion posts. :) --- TOTALLY inspired by the onesie/jumpsuit!!!!! WHERE CAN I BUY ONE/TWO/TEN

Murphy said...

:) you make me not so scared
of growing up.

wheres the jumpsuit in the lil
polyvore picture from? I dig it