Last Quarter of School Ever

This makes no sense:

Here is the line up of what the tuition and fees would be for my last quarter of school depending on the credits i take. and then the amount i would receive in financial aid and grants...

  • Credits:................. 12-18......11.........6
  • tuition/fees:......... $8,939.......$8,202...$4,476
  • aid/grants/loans: $7,084........$5,768...$1,160
  • Final cost w/ Aid: $1,854.......$2,433..$3,315

Why is it that if i take more classes, I get to pay a significant amount less? Also, if i am a full time student, I get to stay on my parents Insurance which saves me another $300.

I have been freaking out about school and worrying that i won't be able to afford it. But i think i can do this if i just work like craaaaaazy in the next couple of months.

I'd prefer to not be taking many more classes, because i don't really need more than 6 credits to fulfill my requirements for graduating. And i'd like to have more time to work on outside of school stuff. But if i get to save money, then shoot, I'll take more classes.

I'll be taking: Math...bleh, Senior Studio and Senior Capstone which are just little classes, Photography, and then just to get enough credits for the finanical benefits... illustration portraiture. OH SNAP you know what? i can do an art internship for credits! ok, do'in that instead.

perfect. ok:
Senior Studio 1-4 credits
Senior Capstone 3 credits
Intro to Contemp Math 5 credits
Art Internship: 1-5 credits
and then just makin up the assignments for Photography from a year ago.

phew. this is a load of my back. I've been researching all this crap and have been freaking out about everything from money, to time management, to health insurance, to work schedule. and have i mentioned i am really over under-grad. really over it.

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Allie said...

you're almost there! enjoy the rest of your quarter off though. I'll help you with that.