Mary-Kate and Kelly Wearstler

I love Kelly Wearstler.
she wears some of the kookiest outfits i've ever seen and i love it love it love.
she has impeccable design sense and perfect taste, especially as an interior designer.

and i'd wear all of these outfits everyday anywhere.

and yes, i do love Mary Kate and Ashley.
especially Mary Kate's crazy style.
they are daring and fun and smart little business ladies,
and i don't care if you hate 'em or love 'em.

Mary Kate and Kelly are both pretty crazy dressers, but still sexy at the same time and sophisticated in their quirkiness. more power to ya ladies. i really respect women who are driven and confident in their uniqueness.

i LOVE high heels, short shorts/skirts and tight pants/leggings/tights.
i just love feminine clothing. and i like having fun and experimenting.
too bad my hometown in California and where i live at school in Washington are both amidst hills and mountains, no good for heels. and i work as a nanny and gotta wear kid friendly clothes. boring. wa wa.

ps... i cant sleep. 2:30am.

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