Miss Julianna

Miss Julianna
at Water May Walk

i've known Julianna for quite a few years now, and ever since i met her i admired her incredible style, perfect taste, beauty and brains. plus she probably one of the nicest girls i've ever met.

if there was anyone who i wished had a blog completely dedicated to their own fashion styles, (like Le Blog De Betty) it would be Julianna. I absolutely adore everything she wears.
she and Betty even share a fabulous dress by Manoush! check it out here.

this girl has amazing taste in music, art, and just about everything else i can think of.
check out her blog here: Water May Walk

read an interview of Julianna here at Allie Fraley's blog No Small Dreams

how stinkin cute is she? most naturally gorgeous girl i've ever met!


Julianna said...

this is so sweet! I feel sooooo special Moorea!

thank you thank you so much! Meow meow love ya!

Julianna said...

oh and p.s. I would actually love love love your help with a banner. If you're interested...I would really love it if I could feature an illustration from you for one. Would you be able to do something like that? If it's too much work I totally understand!

Allie said...

Thank you for the plug, baby!