oh facebook...

hey friendsies. question: do you like my music? i appreciate it if you do!
if you'd like updates on my music happenings you can become a "fan" on facebook! pretty funny, a fan. that's weird.

but anyway, i appreciate the promotion and the encouragement a lot. so if you'd like to become a "fan" just go here: Moorea's Music Facebook Page

thanks friends! and feel free to spread my music to your friends. burn a cd, or tell them to get their free downloads here: Moorea at Last.fm

ps. here's a cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

did you catch my voice cracking at one spot... ehehe, not the best performance. oh well.


Allie said...

Such a good song to cover... Please come back soon. I just got this overwhelming urge to eat good food with you and laugh.

brittalisa said...

i love to hear your music. when are you going to record another album. and please, COME BACK TO SEATTLE!