Scariest Dream Ever

most frightening Lindsey Lohan photo ever.

I had a dream last night that i was dating anorexic Lindsey Lohan. I just remember turning around and looking at her, making a surprised, "GUH!" sound while my body shuddered uncontrollably at the grotesqueness i saw.
I then remember thinking, "Wait... I thought she was a lesbian? Why are we dating?"
When i woke up i then realized that in my dream, i thought i was a man.

Overall, worst nightmare ever.
i was a man dating anorexic Lindsey Lohan who i still swore was lesbian.
Why was i dating her when i, as a man, knew she was lesbian?
Why was i dating her when i shuddered at the sight of her?
Why was i a man in my dream?
Why was Lindsey Lohan in my dream?
Why did i remember any of this?
Why am i writing a blog about this?

Laugh with me on this one. And shudder a little too.

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Julianna said...

Blek blek bleh gross.

Oh and thank you SOO much for sending me that Alela newspaper clipping that was so sweet! I actually haven't gotten to read it yet but I'm super excited to yay!
AND I wear your necklace like everyday@