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The show yesterday went well! yippy.
Well, i fumbled a bit on the guitar, but kinda makes sense because i haven't really been playing at all for the past couple months. And i only go to practice really the day of. sigh.
But i think my vocals were good! I am crazy critical of my voice when it comes to performances, which is mostly because i am classically trained and performed a lot in high school. I was a soprano 1 and sang some pretty dang high notes back in the day. I still have a pretty good range, but definitely not as wide of a range as i did when i was singing for a couple hours a day, like i did back then.
It has been really interesting exploring different ways of approaching singing since high school. Well when i was writing my own music in high school, I kind of rejected the trained voice for just what felt natural prior to training. But I felt very confined in my vocal options. With my earlier music I stayed in a pretty small vocal range and really let the bad guitar playing guide how i should sing.
I feel like i have matured a lot in my own music making since high school. At least vocally. I still suck at guitar haha. But I think I have learned, especially within the past 2 or 3 years, how to use my classical training to make a vocal sound that is...hopefully...unique to me. I really love stretching my voice and playing with melodies that are a little more complex. And i love singing really high. I feel like that is something I understand well, so why not utilize it in my own music.
It is nice to feel challenged in my own music. Singing really complex classical music when i was younger was so fulfilling.
I was probably singing on average at least 4 hours a day i think.
2 hours of practice at school everyday.
60 performances a year for one of the choirs i was in.
20 or so performances for the other 2 choirs.
California Music Festival, West Coast Music Competitions, World Music Festival in Austria, and a bunch of other music festivals and competitions i cant remember haha.
a couple hours here and there with my girls quartet.
6 hours a week practice with the 12 person choir my friends and i started.

if you'd like to hear some music my friends and I were singing in high school, listen to our classical singing group: Penumbra
it's crazy looking back and listening to that stuff now. We were pretty dang good for just a group of 12 kids age 17 to 20. I think I was maybe the youngest.
Singing with these group of people was probably one of the best experiences of my life. They are all some of the most talented musicians i have ever met. So incredibly talented at such young ages. We did a lot of smaller performances and then one huge performance which you can read about here.

Basically, i love singing classical music, but I haven't really since my freshman year of college. I did choir at University of Redlands my freshman year. But I wasn't a music major, and therefor didn't really feel completely accepted into the singing community. Ok, i just felt like an outcast really. I didn't have the "personality" of most of the other performers. I wouldn't call myself a performer because I don't really feel like i fit in with other "performers." I don't have that personality if you know what i mean. I don't really even like attention very much, I just love making music, I love singing, and I love sharing that with other people. Anyway, i haven't sang classical music in 4 years. And i am just now really seeing my love for classical vocal performance kind of peek through in the music i am making now. Not that it sounds "classical" but I try to stretch my voice and really use it as my main instrument like i did with classical singing.

My voice is my main instrument. yea, thats it. And my guitar playing sucks haha.

My greatest influences I think are:
Melodies/Harmonies: Classical vocal performances, Madrigals,
Lyrically: Older folk and pop music like Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, John Lennon (all those classics),
Percussion and Complex Sounds: New Experimental/Lo fi/Psychedelic/Folk music like Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, John Vanderslice, Laura Viers, Ruby Suns...
Vocal Affectations: I LOVE the vocals from a lot of soul, blues, and R & B music, new and old like Angie Stone, Erykah Badu, B.B. King, Lauryn Hill, and even miss Christina Aguilera's Back to Basic's album. I love that album. Seriously, she is a little pop princess, but she has CHOPS, my gosh. listen to this song if you don't like her, and maybe you'll change your mind.

anyway, this is getting long.
basically, for having not played a show in probably a year, I think i did pretty well... at least vocally i did well. guitar, meh, not well. but thats ok. it's more just a filler sound in the back ground.

thank you to those of you who came!

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Allie said...

I'm sad you didn't get to sing/play for us this weekend. Also, I love singin wit you. Loves it.