Where to Find a Jumpsuit/Playsuit

Playsuit Shopping

Andrea wanted to know where to get a cute jumpsuit/playsuit, so here are some places you can find them:

1. Forever 21 has quite a few! HERE are all the jumpsuits and playsuits i could find on their site. Andrea: i think you would look fantastic in this particular playsuit from Forever 21. and it is only $24.80! click on the image to go to this particular playsuit. it would look adorable with a floral sweater and some bright tights and heels.

2. Topshop USA also has some super cute playsuits and jumpsuits, though they are a bit more pricey than forever 21. HERE are all their playsuits/jumpsuits, ranging in price from $40 to $170. these playsuits are so sweet with the bows, perfect for when it starts getting sunny and warm in the spring. they would be really cute with a really light sweater, flowy scarf and some leather gladiator sandals. they run at $90.


3. All Saints, which is a UK brand has a few that are on sale at their website. from 18 pounds, which is about $26, to 45 pounds, wich is about $66. HERE are all their playsuits/jumpsuits. This brand is actually having a SALE right now, so if you like their styles, you might want to buy your favorite playsuit fast before the sale is up!

4. ASOS, another UK site, also has a ton of playsuits. HERE are all of theirs. They have a currency converter on their site so you can see how much things will cost for you if you are in the US, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or are using the Euro.
this denim overall play suit is $77 (on sale from $183!) and this adorable strapless plaid playsuit is $46 on sale from $99!

check out Andrea's blog HERE.
she, like Julianna, has incredible taste in just about everything. I've always wished i were her height because she can get away with the cutest short short outfits and tall heels and still look sophisticated. her style is incredible, classic, innovative, and a little flirty all in one!
She is an artist, photograher, and jewelry designer. and newly married!
she also makes the most beautiful and delicate jewelry.
Andrea's website.
Andrea's Jewelry: Ear M'Dear

hope these links help you all in your playsuit scavenger hunts!

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Andrea said...

Did I never comment on this?!? OMG that's ridiculous. I think I got distracted shopping for jumpsuits. THANKS for the shout out! You are too sweet! I never did get a jumpsuit - but now it's summer again and I think it's time!! Still think B&W is a good combo??