Art Wednesdays: Justin Richel

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Talking Paintings
Fine Arts Prints
Justin Richel

Justin says on his etsy site, "I am a firm believer that art should be accessible and affordable."
I think that is a truth that is so important in art right now with the economy the way that it is. While the economy spirals down, I just pray that quality art won't go with it. It is artists like this one who give me a little hope that creative juices will not dry up and go away while life gets harder for everyone. In fact, i think he gives me a little hope that people will start getting more creative, and will start to value the world of handmade more.

this is my favorite talking painting.
"the Librarian"
and it's only $40! so inexpensive

this one is also one of my favorites. i am really fascinated by bird paintings lately so of course this one captured my heart.


Murphy said...

I really love that bottom one as well

grace e. said...

Mmm Art Wednesdays... I like the bottom art too :) I'm looking forward to your days of the week! Especially Film Tuesdays and Fashion Fridays <3