Coolest 8 year Old Ever

"This is my favorite outfit. The tie is a regular tie, but I tied it like that because I’ve seen it done that way in old English movies. Even though the tie and the jacket are different colors, they’re both striped, so I thought they looked right together. And I wore the vest and pants together because they’re both shades of red."

Arlo Weiner
This is probably the most stylish 8 year old ever.
son of Matt Weiner, producer of The Sopranos and Mad Men.
He finds his inspiration from a lot of the characters in his dad's shows.
And, He would like to start his own clothing line as soon as his mom buys a sewing machine.
check out the slideshow of his self designed outfits at GQ (they just did an article about him. lucky man.)

"This is my Valentine’s Day outfit. The jacket and the pants are velvet. I love the tie because it’s really two ties stacked on top of each other. (My dad had to tie it for me.) The pink tie matched the pink shirt. I wore brown-and-white argyle socks for a random pattern."

"The hat is like a Frank Sinatra hat. I wore the jacket with the tie because green and gray are my favorite blend. I’m holding my dad’s bag in the picture, but at school I use my dad’s old brown leather satchel."

"My mom got the jacket for me—I love it because I love Frank Sinatra and this is like something he would wear. I wore the jacket with the pants because I like the different plaids together. I thought the blue in the necklace brought out the blue in the pants. It’s a blue orb with fire around it."



Margaret said...

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh.

In love.

Allie said...

He reminds me of Zac Posen, kind of.

rebs. said...

oh my gosh. i want to steal him and make him my kid.

Rachel.d.Hurley said...

I wish I had been that cool at 8