Fashion Fridays: Derby Hat

You know what i am super sick of? ...the wearing glasses when you don't need glasses trend.
I am a huge fan of glasses, mostly because I have had to wear them since i was 14. But now that everyone's wearing them as a fashion statement rather than out of necessity, I just don't want to wear my glasses anymore. I think glasses are so cute. But i just a sick of seeing them on everyone. So bye bye glasses and hello contacts for awhile until the trend fades out.

You know what i am not sick of yet though?
the Derby Hat.
Don't let it be confused with the Fedora. I do love fedora's because they work well with my long face and huge skull. But i just love the rounded-ness of the Derby Hat. You can wear it with anything i think.
it can be nice and simple (well... i dont really do simple. this is as close as it gets):
Derby Neutral
necklace: philip crangi, dress: fendi, coat: catherine malandrino, derby hat: modcloth,
tights: jcrew, socks: stylelife,clouded bangle: forever21, black ring: forever21,
shoe: ashaliason, wooden bangles: dorothyperkins, sunglasses: rayban

Or super whimsical and kooky:
Colorful Derby
earings: ylang, ring: kennethjaylane, belt: forever21, dress: lagarconne, tights: welovecolors,
coat: chickdowtown, sweater: republic, owl purse: amazon,
derby shoes: linternaute, derby hat: google.

Today I'm working on art all day. I think i'm going to wear something a little more colorful to brighten my mood and keep me excited.


Andrea said...

cute! i love hats.. i have so many, yet i always forget to wear them.

yeah, i purposely just got the most boring, middle-aged woman glasses i could find. the chunky frames are so cute but becoming so OLD!!

Krichael said...

it's like not-gay-chet from the real world this season. he's always got his wannabe buddy holly glasses with fake lenses.


Margaret said...

I love Chet. Haha. But he does always wear those glasses.

I'm over them too. Do you remember this trend like a few years ago? When I was in Jr. High-Highschool it was cool to wear glasses without real lenses.

I like whimsical and kooky.