Film Tuesdays: Rachel Getting Married

Rachel Getting Married

So when i first saw the title of this film and saw that Anne Hathaway was the main character, I quickly expected it to be another cheesy chick flick about marriage. I was wrong. Directed by Jonathan Demme, This movie is a really beautiful depiction a family's highs and lows all encapsulated within one turbulent weekend. The tumultuous Kym (Anne Hathaway) gets a weekend break from a 9 month stint in rehab to attend her older sister's wedding. The character development is beautiful and natural. The director did an incredible job of guiding his cast and letting them really envelop themselves in their characters. The film almost feels like a documentary at times because of the freedom of the camera and airy and quirky atmosphere of the set. The colors are beautiful, the characters are beautiful, the story is beautiful. There are deeply painful moments when the background of the family is slowly revealed. And though not every problem is resolved, the little moments of reconciliation are worth every second. The things that are left hanging are perfect in their confusion because it reminds you of how no family is ever free of dysfunction.
I also love that the director used a lot of his friends, neighbors as actors in the film. The actors obviously have great chemistry with each other and their interactions are so convincing. The character of the fiance is played by the lead singer of Tv On The Radio, and does a sweet and genuine feeling job. I would recommend it to everyone, well, anyone over the age of 13.

portion of a review by Robert Ebert:
"...The rules say that critics don't discuss movies after screenings. After I saw Jonathan Demme's "Rachel Getting Married" for the second time, however, a friend asked: "Wouldn't you love to attend a wedding like that?" In a way, I felt I had. Yes, I began to feel absorbed in the experience. A few movies can do that, can slip you out of your mind and into theirs..."


Allie said...

Such an effortlessly touching film. Just watched it last weekend.

-Just- said...

i LOVED this movie. i knew it had the potential to be really good but it was truly real, and truly amazing. i really did feel like i was there with them, and i loved being there.