First Aid Kit

the beautiful thing about this deep down sadness is that all i want to do is sing.
i want to sing my heart out till it explodes. I haven't sung much or played my guitar much in the past couple months. i guess sadness is my muse. no wonder my songs are so sad.
music is keeping my heart beating and reminding me not to let my insides grow cold.

irony: this band's name is First Aid Kit. That is exactly what i need, a musical first aid kit.

these girls inspire me. their voices are so beautiful and comforting.

First Aid Kit: Cover of Fleet Foxes - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

also... i just now realized after the past years crazy Fleet Foxes hype, that J Tillman is in Fleet Foxes. Fleet Foxes are based in this here town that i reside it, good old Seattle. and J Tillman lived down the street from me last year in Ballard. I would pass him on the street when i'd walk to the market. Weird. famous people are just freakin normal people. I'm impressed by fame. But i am so inspired by people in general. some people happen to be famous. good for them. J Tillman is really talented, and i love his music solo. And obviously he is great in Fleet Foxes. I just can't really listen to them anymore because I live in Seattle and i hear them everywhere i go.


Margaret said...

Leif showed me that video the other day... I loved their voices. So beautiful.

Keep singing.

grace e. said...

I know how you feel... sadness and singing go hand and hand together. These girls are amazing. Wish I could play the guitar :/ Hope you're doing alright :)