Jeff Tweedy, Sunken Treasure: Live in the Northwest - Film

Sunken Treasure: Jeff Tweedy
live in the Northwest

(if you don't know already, Jeff is the front man Wilco, and is also in Uncle Tupelo and Loose Fur)

I think I have watched this documentary about 10 times in the past two weeks. Well, if i am not fully focused on watching it, it is at least playing in the background. I think i got this dvd right at the perfect time. Incredible musical inspiration and comfort packaged into an hour and a half.

This quote from the film just rattled my heart and brought me so much inspiration:

"The thing I bristle at is this idea that artist, or musicians, or people that are creative suffer more than anybody else. I think that that is patently false. I think that everybody suffers. I think this world is kind of built on how well you cope with your suffering and how well you transcend it and move past it and what you learn from it. And I’m no different than anybody else in that regard. You know, you just try and keep moving."
I actually plan on using that quote in my senior show artist's statement. I am using music ive written in my show in addition to the painted and drawn pieces. Music and Visual Art, it all swirls together for me. My show is turning out to really reveal a lot of my deepest dark down grief. It's pretty incredible that it just happened that way. I didn't plan on it at all. I planned it to focus on birds and what they sort of bring up for me, and i guess they reveal more than i even knew at first.

also, this quote:

"...with people claiming a piece of music makes them feel this way. I think that the opposite is probably true. That they have that feeling, and the piece of music helps them to recognize it."
I think that writing music, and even just playing music on my guitar that is really inspirational to me, like Jeff Tweedy's songs, really helps me to recognize my truest feelings. They help me feel God. In the past 4 days, I have been teaching myself a million Wilco songs, and other songs that Jeff Tweedy has recorded. It has been helping my heart so much to just have something that connects me to the deepest point of feeling.

So anyway, if you would like to really reach to the deepest part of your soul and feel it in a way you probably don't experience often... watch this DVD. Its a perfect mixture of simple but incredibly moving acoustic live music, and Jeff's thoughts are wonderful to take. And he is hilariously dry and witty. What more do you need? Heartfelt music, Sincere thoughts, and Dry humor.

The film was recorded over 5 nights at 5 different venues up the Northern West Coast, starting off at my favorite venue: The Moore, in Seattle, WA.

Track Listings:
Intro [Seattle]
Sunken Treasure [Seattle]
Theologians [Seattle]
The Ruling Class [Seattle]
Intro [Portland]
How To Fight Loneliness [Portland]
Summerteeth [Portland]
The Thanks I Get [Portland]
Intro [Eugene]
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart [Eugene]
ELT [Eugene]
Shot In The Arm [Eugene]
Intro [Arcata]
Black Eye [Arcata]
In A Future Age [Arcata]
Laminated Cat [Arcata]
Intro [San Francisco]
(Was I) in Your Dreams [San Francisco]
Airline to Heaven [San Francisco]
Heavy Metal Drummer [San Francisco]
War On War [San Francisco]
Acuff-Rose [San Francisco]

Jeff Tweedy, suddenly becoming one of the most inspirational people i've ever heard of.


Margaret said...

We have this dvd but I've never watched it. You keep talking about it so I will.

unclesammybum said...

Jeff is a legend...I can't get enough of his music. I met him in New Zealand earlier this year. A very humbling experience.