Music Mondays: Kiersten Holine

I have known miss Kiersten Holine for a while now and have been wanting to interview her about her music for awhile too! She resides in Seattle, WA, like me, but hails originally from the Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN area. This girl has chops! She has a beautiful beautiful voice, creates amazing covers of popular indie and folk songs, and has recently started recording her own music too! Read on for an interview of this lovely lady!

1. when did you start playing guitar and singing?
I started playing guitar about eight years ago when my uncle gave me an incredible Alvarez he played in a few folk bands through the 70's and 80's. I never really know how to answer the singing question. There wasn't a specific point where I "started" singing, I guess. I've been belting out random melodies since I could manage to formulate words.

2. when did you start writing music?
I haven't been writing for too long. I'd say about two years. I got so caught up in other artist's music that I didn't take the time to find my own style and sound. I'm always working on something these days.

3. did you ever expect to be mentioned in Rolling Stone for your youtube videos?
Absolutely not. I thought it was a joke for a while. I got a random email one night from a woman who claimed to be a writer from Rolling Stone saying they wanted to talk about me. A few weeks later, I found myself standing in the middle of Sonic Boom Records staring at my name in the hot issue. Mind blowing. 2007 Hot Issue of Rolling Stone

4. what are your biggest musical inspirations?
I think I have different categories of musical inspiration. As far as writing goes, Dylan has always been my number one influence. His music forces me to leave behind cliche lyrics. Justin Vernon is a huge inspiration as far as creation goes; complete genius. And when it comes to performance and vocal inspiration I'm always inspired by Feist and Ryan Adams. Both have incredible stage presence and flawless voices.

5. is there any song you wish you had written?
Definitely. I would love to take credit for "Come Pick Me Up" by Ryan Adams. That song screams perfection.

6. what is your favorite song to sing/play?
I always find myself coming back to "Lovin's for Fools" by Sarah Siskind. I love singing that chorus so much. Hard to stay away from that song.

7. what's on your playlist right now?
I'm on a huge David Bazan and M. Ward kick. Also, cannot stop playing the new "Dark Was the Night" album. Fantastic.

8. what do you think is the best way for musicians to promote themselves?
I don't know if there's a right answer for this. Youtube, Myspace, Lastfm etc. are incredibly helpful promotional tools but it seems wrong to cut out the blood, sweat, and tears of getting your music out there. Who am I to talk, I guess.

9. where can people hear your music? do you have an album?
They can check out some of my music at www.myspace.com/kierstenholine or www.youtube.com/kierstenmh
And yes, I do have a new demo out that can be purchased on Itunes or at www.kierstenholine.com
Full of links, I am.

10. what do you love to do other than make music?
I love creating art, discovering bizarre, obscure films, meeting others who share the same passions, and people-watching.

11. anything else you would like people to know about you and your music?
As far as my music goes, each song I've written is about a specific event in my life. I would hate to formulate some shit that wasn't truly how I felt. I want the listener to know what I've gone through so they can connect with me or my music on some level. Any level, I guess.

original song "I Saw My Fate"

cover of Leonard Cohen's "Halleluia"

thank you Kiersten!

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